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Learn more about the scientific background of SmartCalc.Module: Protti, A. et al, “Virtual Energy Rating: A Method for Optimizing Module Performance Through Cell-To-Module Analysis” Tummalieh, A. et al “Interconnection Technology in PV Modules: Impact of Ribbons, Tab Connectors and Electrically Conductive Backsheet on Module Performance”

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SmartCalc.CTM is now free

SmartCalc.CTM is now free. SmartCalc.CTM is now a free software tool and the full version is now available for download. All restriction from the previous demo version have been lifted and module designs, component specifications and material properties can now be accessed. Download are possible via the “Software” section of the website. Together with the release of the free version of SmartCalc.CTM we present the next generation of PV module simulation: SmartCalc.

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SmartCalc.Module released

SmartCalc.Module released. SmartCalc.Module has been released as the successor of SmartCalc.CTM and targets the more advanced user and his requirements for in-depth analysis and fast result generation. The tool comes with a completely reworked user interface, the implementation of more module design and component options and novel features: extended non-STC analysis: analyse the impact of realistc operation conditions time saving features: sensitivity analysis and batch processing improved usability: many small tools and little helpers new components and design options: module frame, cell overlap, new interconnection schemes etc.

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SmartCalc.CTM Version 1.2.2

A new Version of SmartCalc.CTM has just been released. Added Features: Additionally, most of the phsicyal models have been reworked: More accurate and faster optical calculations, Improved consideration of edge effects for backsheet reflection, Reworked models for IBC solar cell interconnection, Extended integration of the temperature model. We have also added the possibility for encrypted material files. Suppliers can now provide their customers with input data for SmartCalc.CTM: simple and confidential.

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Conference contributions 2020

The developers of SmartCalc.CTM will provide additional insights on the modelling of losses in PV modules with contributions to the following conferences: 47th IEEE PVSC (Virtual Conference, June 15 - August 21) 37th EU PVSEC (Virtual Conference, September 7-11) 30th Asia PVSEC Jeju, Republic of Korea, November 8-13)

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Webinar on new cell formats and three-split-cells

PV magazine webinar with Trina Solar and Fraunhofer ISE<br ><br > Thursday, 23. April 2020<br > 3pm - 4pm (CEST, Berlin) <br > <br > Max Mittag, head of Module Simulation at Fraunhofer ISE, explains how the software SmartCalc.CTM can be used to analyze the influence of larger wafers and the effect of the three-splitting of cells on the performance.<br >

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SmartCalc.CTM Version 1.2

A new Version of SmartCalc.CTM has just been released. New Features:

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Intersolar Europe

Get a live demonstration of the brand new Version of SmartCalc.CTM! Visit us at the Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany on May 14-17 2019. Find us at booth A1.540 with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems New Features:

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SmartCalc.CTM Version 1.1.5

A new version of SmartCalc.CTM is now available. Free Demo Version If you have an existing SmartCalc.CTM license, installing the now released demo version will automatically unlock the full feature suite of SmartCalc.CTM Version 1.1.5 Changes Bug fixes

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