SmartCalc.CTM Version 1.2.2

August 10, 2020

A new Version of SmartCalc.CTM has just been released.

Added Features:

  • White EVA or other reflective encapsulants
  • Bifacial efficiency: a new key performance indicator to describe bifacial modules

Additionally most of the phsicyal models have been reworked

  • More accurate and faster optical calculations
  • Improved consideration of edge effects for backsheet reflection
  • Reworked models for IBC solar cell interconnection
  • Extended integration of the temperature model

We have also added the possibility for encrypted material files. Suppliers can now provide their customers with input data for SmartCalc.CTM: simple and confidential.

And of course, many smaller fixes and improvements have been implemented by the SmartCalc.CTM-team.

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