Publication in Photovoltaics International

July 1, 2017

The key to efficient and powerful modules is an optimal cell-to-module (CTM) ratio. Interconnecting solar cells and integrating them into a solar module comes along with different optical and electrical effects. A profound understanding of all factors which influence the module efficiency is essential to derive methods to decrease the losses or to increase the gains caused by module integration. Several CTM calculation methods have been published in the past, mostly not available to a wide number of users in the form of a user-friendly tool. With SmartCal.CTM Fraunhofer ISE has released a software tool available for everybody, allowing to apply the previously published CTM analysis methodology. In this work we present the methodology and the tool, and demonstrate with some case studies how the software can be used to support the module development process.

by Max Mittag & Matthieu Ebert more online

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