Heckert Solar uses SmartCalc.CTM

Heckert Solar GmbH, one of Germanys leading manufacturers of PV modules located in Saxony, used the developed software SmartCalc.CTM to significantly improve the power output for a new line of PV modules by 0.5%. Heckert Solar is convinced that the use of SmartCalc.CTM will continue to contribute to further developments to optimize and improve module power in the future. “For our customers we want to deliver the maximal possible power. SmartCalc.

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Shingled Modules now possible with SmartCalc.CTM

Modules with shingled solar cells can now be analyzed with SmartCalc.CTM and paralell string interconnection is now available. The interconnection of solar cells by shingling increases the active cell area in photovoltaic modules. Cell-to module (CTM) gains and losses for this design change significantly compared to standard modules. At the IEEE PVSEC in Washington models were presented to calculate these gains and losses for shingled cells. These models are now also implemented in SmartCalc.

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Publication in Photovoltaics International

The key to efficient and powerful modules is an optimal cell-to-module (CTM) ratio. Interconnecting solar cells and integrating them into a solar module comes along with different optical and electrical effects. A profound understanding of all factors which influence the module efficiency is essential to derive methods to decrease the losses or to increase the gains caused by module integration. Several CTM calculation methods have been published in the past, mostly not available to a wide number of users in the form of a user-friendly tool.

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